Fr. Cyriac Lukose founded this shrine of Allipalli, while he was the parish priest of Chithalapudi and celebrated the feast of Our Lady every ' year at the shrine. Fr. John Kanjirathinkal developed the shrine by laying a road leading to the shrine and steps to the hill-top. Thus the shrine became more accessible to the pilgrims. The shrine was further developed by Frs. Chacko and Joseph Arjuna. A statue of Our Lady was installed on the hill on 31st January, 1980. The shrine came under the care of Missionaries of Faith Fathers in 1989, when the parish of Allipalli was entrusted to them. Since then the shrine has witnessed great development by Fr. Rai Maria Joji and has become more popular drawing large crowds for the annual feast celebrated for three days, 31st January, 1st & 2nd February.
Director:   Rev. Fr. Rai Maria Joji

The attractive grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in the Amalodbhavi Cathedral Campus at Eluru is a fond place of people of Eluru. People from all walks of life, irrespective of religion, visit the grotto. It’s a place of intercession and solace to many. The shrine built in the model of Our Lady of Lourdes, has the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in the grotto and the Crucifix atop the grotto with a stairway to it. This shrine was the brain child of Bishop John. While Bro. Emmanuel designed the shrine, Bros. Job & B. Peter toiled hard to construct it. This shrine was blessed by Most Rev. Samineni Arulappa, Archbishop of Hyderabad on 11th February, 1988. This shrine was constructed with the financial assistance of Fr. John Eudes Fernz as a token of his Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee. This shrine is a memorial of the Decennial celebrations of the Diocese of Eluru. The annual feast of the shrine celebrated on 11th February draws large crowds from the dioceses of Eluru and Vijayawada. The shrine is a special attraction to everyone who visits the Cathedral of Eluru,
Rector:   Fr. Ammana Raja Godi

The Infant Jesus shrine is located amidst the lustrous greenery at Dondapudi. The serenity of this jungle area incited Bishop John to locate the shrine here. The shrine was designed by Bro. Emmanuel and the work was masterfully executed by Msgr. Vellarankala Abraham, while he was the parish priest of Dondapudi. The shrine was blessed on 5th May, 1996, by Bishop John in the presence of Bishops Mathew Cheriankunnel PIME, Marampudi Joji and Johannes Gorantla. This shrine is a memorial of the 19th Anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop John. The annual feast of the shrine is celebrated on `Sivarathri Day' and it draws crowds from all around the area, mostly the tribal population.
Director:   Rev. Fr. Jerry Pathikattil

A small "Calvary Mount' emerged in Mariapuram Campus at Janampet. A cross was erected on this hill and it was blessed by Bishop John on 15th September, 1991 on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Bishop John suggested the name 'Parishudda Sleeva Mahimagiri' and the annual feast be celebrated on 26th January. Later Bishop John constructed a shrine and named it `Mahimagirilo Maria'. This shrine that depicts the history of salvation from Birth of Christ to his Ascension, was blessed by Bishop John on 4th April, 1994, Easter Sunday. This shrine remains attached to Vianney College. The simple, peaceful and silent atmosphere of the shrine make it a very conducive place of prayer. The annual feast is celebrated on 26th January, Republic Day. There is rapid increase of pilgrims visiting the shrine.
Director:   Rev. Fr. Cherian Scaria, Ofm Cap

Nirmalagiri is the name given to the hill that is located near Gowripatnam on the Chennai-Calcutta Highway. Bishop John while travelling the way in 1978 stopped at the spot and was inspired to erect a shrine on the hill. Land was acquired and Fr. Jose Kaimlett was appointed to erect and develop the shrine. Fr. Jose Kaimlett gave shape to the Shrine, Presbytery, Convent, T.B. Sanitorium, and Hospital. The shrine was blessed by Rt. Rev. Victor Samiguel, OCD and Grotto was blessed by Bishop Beretta of Warangal and the mysteries of the Rosary and Stations of the Cross by Bishop K. Mariadas, on 25th March, 1984. Later Fr. Kunnakatt Augustine who was appointed the Director of the shrine in 1985, worked hard to develop the shrine. In 1987 Nirmalagiri was erected a parish with Fr. Guzzula Michael as the first parish priest. He put up the road and steps leading to the hill, stage and a multi-purpose hall. Fr. Dirisina Aaron, who was appointed the Director of the shrine in 1992. He built the big pilgrim church and the Jesus towers. An Ashram named Prema Seva Ashram is established atop the hill and a shopping complex is added to the shrine. The annual feast is celebrated on 22, 23, 24 & 25 March every year draws about 10 lakh pilgrims.
Director:   Rev. Fr. Koppula Rayappa

Our Lady of Lourdes shrine is located at Thadikalapudi parish. This pilgrim centre was founded in 1995 by Fr. Felix to mark the Great Jubilee 2000 in the parish. The pilgrim centre has shown remarkable increase of pilgrims in the recent years. Many non-Christians come to faith trough the shrine.

Director:   Rev. Fr. Leena Pasala

Helapuri Velankanni shrine at Samaladivi is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal. Visiting the place on 12th November 1988, Bishop John decided to erect a shrine of Our Lady of Velankanni here. A piece of land was acquired from an old resident of the area named Mr. Abaddaalu. Fr. Nanda Stalin while he was the parish priest of Mogalturu constructed the Retreat centre, Convent and School in the area. In 1989 Samaladivi was erected a parish with Fr. Nanda Savio Stalin as the first parish priest. Situated on the shores of the sea, this is a growing pilgrim centre with serene geographical set-up. The annual feast celebrated on 24, 25 & 26 April, draws large crowds to the shrine.
Director:   Rev. Fr. M. Joseph Arjuna

Siluvagiri is the Calvary shrine built by Fr. Mathew Kunnumpuram at Chebrole in 1984. The Siluvagiri shrine was developed by Frs. Mathew Chevaly, John Karukappally VC and Mathew Kunnel VC who put in untiring efforts for its growth. The annual feast celebrated on 23, 24 & 25 January, draws large crowds to the shrine.
Director:   Rev. Fr. John Wilson

The shrine of St. Anthony is located on the road side at Ramannapalem on the Chennai-Calcutta national highway. The shrine was constructed by Fr. Cyriac Lukose in 1989. St. Anthony, the popular saint of the lost articles, is venerated here. The people of the surrounding areas come to the shrine in good numbers every Tuesday dedicated to St. Anthony. The annual feast of the shrine celebrated on 11, 12 & 13 January draws many pilgrims.
Director:   Rev. Fr. Banda Showry

Shrines of Eluru Diocese